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we are all candy covered on the outside

peel away the shell and we're rotten on the inside

Jessicka Christ
21 March
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You were my baby doll;
You were steel eyes and a butterfly mouth.
Don’t you want to kiss me?

You were my drug dealer;
You were cutting sugar and a basket of skulls.
Don’t you want to bleed me?

You were my life giver;
You were glowing lights and holy hands.
Don’t you want to save me?

You were my mad doctor;
You were a bloody glove and broken scissors.
Don’t you want to cure me?

Darling, you made me so tall,
You and your broken jars,
Your beasts of Mary.
Honey, I needed you for life,
You and your innocent screams,
Your breasts of Mother.
Sugar, you fucked me up bad,
You and your bottled kittens,
Your birds of Mourning.

I am your virgin mother;
I am loving arms and dripping lips.
I am going to give you love, then take it away.

I am your worshipping junkie;
I am a dirty needle and a suicide razor.
I am going to shoot my poison into your veins.

I am your Jessicka Christ;
I am a burning cross and a thorne through the temple.
I am going to make you my sex slave.

I am your naughty nurse;
I am big breasts and a chainsaw.
I am going to cure you.

You don't belong here.

This isn't for you.